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What are cookies:

Cookies are a small data file that webpages store on your computer, tablet or other used electronic equipment. They do so to recognize the computer the next time you visit the webpage.

Cookies are needed to get the best user experience. By visiting our website you automatically accept the use of our cookies.

We use cookies for:

We use cookies for traffic measurement and statistics. This means that we collect datafiles in order to record the number of visitors and popular content. Google Analytics and AddThis are used as 3rd party cookies.

Therefore, we do not store personal information as we collect cookies only to optimize the user experience on the website.

The collected data is not disclosed, but if you want to delete your cookies, you can do this under the settings in your browser. If you choose to delete your cookies, please be aware that there will be features and elements on the webpage that will no longer work.

Social Media

It is possible for you to share and mark pages from the website via social media such as Facebook. These social media can store cookies. We encourage you to read the social media policies for cookies and personal data.

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